Authentic Antique Wooden Pail Gate Valve Feature



We are excited to bring you these stunning antique pails coupled with our floating tap water features - bringing one of the best looking stand alone set ups available! 

- Each antique wooden pail is completely unique, meaning each customer will receive a truly one of a kind antique feature - A real piece of history!
- We are excited to be able to supply these genuine antique containers ready to go with our 22mm or Gate Valve Floating Tap - see the photos or our other listings to see the difference in the features.
- Each tap is hand painted & lacquered to the highest quality finish.
- Solid brass tap and soldered copper spout provide a high level of build quality and durability... no plastic here!
- 500mm tube as standard
- High quality 2000lph pump with low operating noise and 9m outdoor spec cable   
- Filter sponge cleans water as the feature is in use  
- 12 month pump warranty - Full easy to follow instructions included 
As each container is unique we cant display a photo of each one - they are roughly the same dimensions and style as in the photos. If you would like to choose a specific container give us a message or call on 07881274642 and we will be more than happy to show you our stock! 


- Everything you need to set up and run your own Floating Tap water feature, just add water and plug in!

- A truly stunning feature when coupled with the antique wood. 
- We provide an unrivalled 'floating' illusion and guarantee the best features on the market 
- A proven and fantastic feature to attract custom to businesses  
- For those who appreciate proper build quality 
- Non comparable to other cheap plastic copies 
- Full easy to follow set up instructions included 
- Great for Garden, Home, Shop Front and more...
- Sold across the UK and internationally to hundreds of happy customers 

Please feel free to drop us an email should you have any queries regarding this feature.

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