Unique Hand Painted Floating Tap & Pump


We are excited to bring you this bespoke artwork feature!

The feature has been designed and painted by artist Jordan Reynolds.
A little about Jordan:
"Jordan Reynolds is a visual artist born in Oxford and now living in Greatworth Village, England. With a background in fine arts & design, Jordan specialises in fine art pen & pencil drawing, painting, graphic design, photography & film. After receiving a foundation diploma in art & design he went into working in a studio with the highest end of luxury brands and clients. During that time he has worked with a wide range of businesses, artists, celebrities and models creating a strong and varied catalogue of media. Having made a name for himself within the industry, Jordan went on to spend time in New Zealand working the land and exploring the islands to gain inspiration from nature and local artists. Jordan is now back in the UK, designing and collaborating with bespoke businesses while focusing on his own unique art style, always looking to share his creative eye for aesthetic beauty."
This feature is part of a range of hand painted water features that Jordan has been involved with. It makes for a truly special and unique ornament.
The Tap: 
- Stunning effect from our unique internal spout design 
- Large 22mm tap body makes for a substantial and weighty feature 
- Solid brass tap and unique copper spout give an outstanding level of build quality and durability 
- 500mm tube as standard
- High quality pump
- Low operating noise 
- Powerfull 1400lph output  
- 9m outdoor spec cable as standard 
- Suitable for fresh and salt water applications  
- Filter sponge cleans water as the feature is in use 
- Low power consumption compared to other pumps  
-  Can be used and set up as a stand alone fountain without the tap 
- Complete with accessories   
- 12 month warranty 
- Full easy to follow instructions included 
- A truly one off garden ornament perfect to catch the attention of guests. 
- An unrivalled 'floating' illusion, guaranteed to be the best features on the market 
- A proven and fantastic feature to attract custom to businesses  
- Can be easily incorporated into existing pond/container set ups 
- Full easy to follow set up instructions included 
- Great for Garden, Home, Office, Shop Front and more  
- The container is not included as we feel the customer would prefer to choose their own.
Please feel free to drop us an email should you have any queries regarding this feature.