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A small Oxfordshire based business, we have been making floating water features since 2014. 

Our first water feature was an idea for our own garden, my dad Mike had, after a lot of thinking and quite a few prototypes emerged from the shed with a floating tap!? After some initial scepticism we went to the garden and there it was. I remember seeing it and immediately thinking how cool it looked. The first time seeing it blew me away and I was amazed that he had made a tap seem to magically float over a bucket as it was infinitely filling it up. 

After working out he's not a magician after seeing how the floating tap worked we both decided to see if other people would be interested in having this sort of water feature at their own home. We gave a few to friends and family and after some great feedback decided to see what would happen if we put one up for sale online. 

It sold surprisingly quickly and so we made another, and another and slowly started the process of becoming The Impossible Floating Tap Company.

Over time we grew our business and built a bigger range and now pride ourselves on the high quality water features we produce. Our floating taps and other bespoke made 'floating' features are now across the globe, being used at international convention displays, in offices and shops, and the gardens and homes of all our customers.

From a small idea to our own small business, me and my dad continue making and packing each feature by hand in our now slightly bigger dedicated workspace. 

We look to continue to bring the highest quality product and service possible and look forward to where else our floating taps will end up. 

We appreciate all our past and future customers immensely. 

Mike & Sam Whitehouse 





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