Q: How tall are the features? 

A: All features are supplied with a 500mm long tube as standard. Making the feature stand at around 650mm from the water. (bespoke heights available on request)

Q: Can I purchase a feature from outside the UK? 

A: Of course! We have a number of shipping rates available on the site, but if yours doesn't show up please drop us a message and we can arrange a quote for you right away. 

Q: Can I collect the feature from you? 

A: Of course, if you are local or passing through you are more than welcome to collect your feature from us - just be sure to let us know. 

Q: Can I get the tap in a bespoke colour? 

A: If you would like a bespoke colour option, select the "bespoke" option in the colour menu and drop us a message with your request. 


If you have any other questions send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 


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