Giant Tap & Half Oak Barrel Complete Feature



After a lot of development we are very excited to introduce our biggest full kit set ever!


- NEW HUGE 42MM GATE VALVE TAP (Height= 290mm Length = 180mm Depth = 60mm), a really impressive centrepiece feature!
- Hand painted two colour lacquered finish with a choice of 7 handle colours. (Bespoke paintwork available on request).
- Solid brass tap and unique soldered copper spout provide our best floating illusion to date. This Feature is a real head turner!
- The feature stands roughly 1000mm from the base of the Barrel. 
- High quality 4800lph pump with incredibly low operating noise... all you will hear is the relaxing sound of running water!
- 12 month pump warranty - Full easy to follow instructions included

The Half Barrel

-  A genuine half oak whiskey barrel measuring approx. 500mm diameter x 400mm high. 
- We supply an inner liner giving you the freedom to add plants around the rim (as demonstrated), or gravel or whatever you decide to create yourself a truly stunning stand alone centrepiece water feature. 

As each half barrel is unique yours may be slightly different to the one pictured. If you would like to choose a specific container give us a message or call on 07881274642 and we will be more than happy to show you our stock! We ensure each container is of the highest quality and test everything before sending your feature to you. 

- Everything you need to set up and run your own Floating Tap water feature, just add water and plug in!
- Giant Gate Valve Tap is really impressive and our favourite feature yet.
- We provide an unrivalled 'floating' illusion and guarantee the best features on the market - this is no exception and arguably the best looking tap we have available.
- A proven and fantastic feature to attract custom to businesses
- For those who appreciate proper build quality
- Non comparable to other cheap plastic copies
- Full easy to follow set up instructions included
- Great for Garden, Home, Shop Front and more...
- Sold across the UK and internationally to hundreds of happy customers


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